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Review of Health and Safety Performance

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Reviewing health and safety performance ensures the safety and health risk management system remains up to date and effective. This is basically the ACT part  of the health and safety management system and is a continuous process.



Health and safety is reviewed to develop an effective health and safety management system. It helps to check the quality and take appropriate actions against any inadequacy.

In a review, we should examine the following things:

  • the operation and maintenance of the existing system;
  • the way how health and safety management system is designed, developed and installed to occupy altering circumstances;



Responses of a review will be needed:

  • to find a solution to the problems at workplace;
  • to remedy sub-standard performance;
  • to assess the health and safety plans at all levels;
  • to the results of audits;

Review plans may include:

  • monthly reviews of individuals, supervisors or sections;
  • three monthly reviews of departments;
  • annual reviews of sites or of the organisation as a whole;




The board of directors have many responsibilities such as giving equal importance to reporting preventative details and incident data. They are also responsible to carry out periodic audits and check for the outcome of the introduction of any new work procedures or processes. The board of directors should make sure that procedures are followed in order to develop new and changed legal requirements.

The board should also review and examine the effectiveness of health and safety policies made by them. They should ensure that they are informed about risk management, health and safety shortcomings, the impact of the management decisions and also about the health and safety systems in the organisation. Once they are reported about these, they have to take appropriate decisions and implement control measures.


Continual Improvement is a key word in health and safety management system and without continual improvement there will not be any effective management of health and safety system. This is basically PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT.

As I step into the end of my final blog post I would like to say that Principles of OHS is an amazing course and it helps in the effective development and management of occupational health and safety. I would like to say that always remember the DEMING CYCLE that is PLAN DO CHECK ACT and make sure that ZERO workers are getting injured or dead due to poor management of occupational health and safety.