about me

My name is Tasneem Moideen. I am an Indian national who was born and brought up in Doha. I did my schooling in MES Indian School, Doha Qatar. I have two brothers and three sisters. I am 20 years old and is a first year student of Environmental Health in the College of North Atlantic, Qatar.

My hobbies include cooking, watching TV shows, reading comics and short stories. I am a neat freak who is very particular about keeping the house clean all the time. I enjoy playing indoor games rather than outdoor games. I would love to go for sky diving and deep sea diving since I love adventures. Personally, I think I am a shy person and take time to mingle with new people.

I have a lot of plans for the future which is acquiring a degree in my major program and finding a good job which also gives me satisfaction and happiness. I have a lot of dreams which also includes giving my family all the happiness they deserve since they are the ones who sacrificed many things to make my future better and made me a better person.