Sources of Health & Safety Information


A health and safety information is primarily the health and safety laws and information about other health and safety related issues provided by the management in order to be consulted by a manager, a health and safety professional or a worker in case of any health and safety issues. This helps the worker or employee to have a good knowledge of the basic rules to acquire a safe working environment and take appropriate action against any unsafe working conditions or procedures.

Today I found some excellent sources of health and safety information which I would like to share with all of you.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

The link to their website is provided here.

Video 1: OSHA training for medical offices. Source

OSHA is part of the United States Department of Labor and has an efficient website showcasing all their health and safety information. Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides details about their organisation and clearly specifies what their mission is along with the workers’ and employers’ responsibilities and duties. OSHA also display many other features such as their laws, regulations, safety standards, training sessions, keeping records of fatalities and injuries, enforcement programs, summer job safety of young workers, emergency preparedness and response activities and many more.


Figure 1: Home page of OSHA.

According to me, the thing that stood out about OSHA is displaying the workplace fatality reports in their homepage and highlighting their objective to prevent or reduce workplace fatalities, illnesses and injuries which is very important for an occupational health and safety organisation.fatalityFigure 2: OSHA website showing workplace fatalities.

This is very attractive because OSHA is trying to be transparent and honest by providing workplace fatalities showing that they are highly committed to prevent workplace deaths and injuries rather than giving priority to their reputation.

International Labor Organisation (ILO)

Please click here to view their website

Video 2: The 106th ILO Conference. Source

The International Labor Organisation or ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations and the only tripartite UN agency. Since 1919, the governments, employers and workers representatives of 187 member states are brought together by ILO for organizing labor standards, developing policies and for planning programs to provide both men and women with decent jobs. The ILO also displays features which are quite similar to OSHA since they all work for the same purpose.


Figure 3: Home page of International Labor Organisation.

In my opinion, the highlighting feature about ILO is that they display the dates of all the meetings and conferences that they carry out and their latest one was the 106th Session of the International Labor Conference which took place very recently and is posted in their opening page. This helps the internal and external interested parties to have some knowledge about the past and recent meetings and conferences which also shows ILO’s continual improvement towards health and safety of workers and other work-related issues.

ilo meet

Figure 4: ILO’s meetings and conference dates page.

Health and Safety Authority (HSA)

HSA website link is provided here.

Video 3: HSA tips on healthy working practices. Source

Health and Safety Authority or HSA was founded in 1989 under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989. HSA perform a number of major roles such as ensuring safety of 1.8 million workers along with those with work-related injuries and illnesses and enforce occupational health and safety law.They also provide health and safety information in all working fields and try to make workers safe from unnecessary exposure from chemicals such as asbestos, carcinogens. HSA is also one of the important agencies involved in market surveillance in order to protect the public from unsafe products. HSA covers many areas of health and safety topics such as safe movement of chemicals, health and safety education, legislation, work-related vehicle safety, small business worker safety, workplace health and they also publish their latest news.


Figure 5: Health and Safety Authority (HSA) home page.

The thing I liked the most about HSA is their safety alerts for each year which helps the employees to be alert about any unsafe working conditions. I also liked their special care towards the safe use of chemicals.

safety alertsFigure 6: Safety alerts page from HSA website.


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