Key Features of a Health and Safety Policy

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A Health and safety policy is a written policy or statement which provides the basis for a company’s successful OHS management. The policy consists of aims and objectives that shows the management commitment to the company’s employees regarding their health and safety.

I will be assessing the health and safety policy of Vinci Construction UK Ltd. Health and safety policy of Vinci construction company is available on the company website Link and pdf document


First of all, the company has two parts of health and safety policy. The first part can be accessed by the public through the website and the second part of policy is also made available to external parties and it includes specific responsibilities of the members in the management.

After assessing both the health and safety policies, part 1 and part 2, I think that Vinci construction has all the important elements essential for an effective management of the health and safety of its employees at workplace. The company has also adopted the current legal requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 management which makes it even more effective.

The company’s policy statement of intent has stated their aims and objectives which is very important for a policy even though the policy statement of intent is not perfectly clear and concise and is not written in bullet points.sign However, the policy is signed and dated by the senior most officer i.e., the chief executive of the company, Mr. Bruno Dupety. The company also has non-specific performance HSE targets for the directors to ensure minimum safety standards and other HSE policies.

The management has mentioned their aims and objectives regarding the health and safety of their employees even though they are not easily understandable. The objectives are not time bounded and not specific enough since they believe that working within a time frame would not be very effective due to workload and pressure. However, they have given some information about what they want to achieve and what their aims are.

The organisation has clearly shown the hierarchy of officers and staff along with their names and designations. The policy has stated distinct responsibilities of those in the leading positions which includes the Divisional Managing Directors, Directors along with Senior Site Representatives. It also includes the duties that should be followed by all other employees and staff.


      Figure 1: Hierarchy of officers and staff with their names and designations

The company has a very well maintained system of arrangements that carries out procedures such as incident investigation and reporting, close calls and positive interventions (reporting near miss events and reduce risk to safety/environment), scored inspections, internal audits and health and safety training. Other arrangements involve a disaster and emergency response plan, consultation of workers and special procedures for the selection of suppliers and contractors. In addition, they have greatly differentiated and explained each of these procedures and plans. However, they have not provided much information about some of the arrangements such as use of PPE, first aid, electrical equipment safety and maintenance, food hygiene procedures and much more.

arrangementsFigure 2: Some of the arrangements provided by Vinci construction

Vinci construction company has excellent reviewing procedures including monthly meetings, divisional HSE reviews and a divisional risk profile for continual improvement of the health and safety management system. The company has also hired a group of safety advisers or HSE advisers specially for taking care of the health and safety of workers. The HSE advisers carry out review meetings for the assessment of risk and hazards and to ensure safety at workplace. They have made sure that the policy is continually reviewed and altered in case of new work situations.


Figure 3: Annual cycle of HSE review meetings for continual improvement

The policy also provides the dates for reviews and revisions


Figure 4: Review dates

According to me, the policy was slightly disorganized since I found it difficult to understand the different sections of the policy. They did not specify the objectives and aims of the company using bullet points. Some features were either missing or was not specific, concise and clear such as performance targets, aims and objectives and provision of facilities.I also believe that they concentrated more on reviewing health and safety than any other features of health and safety policy.

Altogether, Vinci construction company has a tremendous health and safety policy for the successful running of the company and in my opinion Vinci construction company has set out rules that can be easily followed, implemented and is practical.


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